Drawing parallels between a classic sense of adventure and the contemporary world of big wave surfing, Dustin Humphrey’s Dopamine ad series for surfwear brand Insight uses old motorcycles to represent a depth that exists beyond surfing’s bright surface. In addition to this image, the series features similar shots of buggies, bedrooms, graveyards and groups of people, all intended to counteract the vacuous day-glo image most often associated with surfing and point out that its participants create their own culture; one that values a sense of freedom, community, creativity and adventure. Sound familiar?

In addition to these photos, there’s a rather less successful set of
accompanying videos, the first of which can be seen above. In place of
subtlety and creativity, the films use every art school cliché in
pursuit of a completely ambiguous message. Insight would have done
better to keep the campaign print only.


Insight via Shoot!

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