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More than just an add-on to Chicken Hawk Racing’s existing range of tire warmers, these new Chicken Wrap insulators are capable of keeping brakes up to temperature, helping tire warmers perform better in cold conditions and could help you bend AMA Pro Racing’s rules.

Constructed from 2mm thick nylon-covered neoprene, the Chicken Wraps are intended to fit over tire warmers and even front fenders, shielding the entire wheel, tire and brakes from the elements. The benefits in cold, windy conditions are obvious, insulating the warmers and/or tires and brakes from heat-leaching weather.

Chicken Wraps are also intended to keep heat in tires during AMA Pro Racing-dictated grid formations that exclude the use of tire warmers. No heating element means no rule against them. More heat in your tires at the start of the race equals more grip from the get go. AMA teams like Larry Pegram’s, Michael Jordan’s, the National Guard’s and Rockstar Makita Suzuki are already using them.

Chick Hawk also claims that the Chicken Wraps will help further the less obvious benefits of using tire warmers, namely extended tire life due to fewer heat cycles. That means the $129 Wraps should pay for themselves in track tire cost savings.

Chicken Hawk Racing

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