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Built between 1968 and 1972, the four 331-foot towers of the BMW Vierzylinder building are actually suspended from a single central column. Used as BMW's world headquarters, the building is also protected under a historical status and is considered the crowning piece of architecture in the otherwise uninspiring Munich skyline. In short, it's the ideal setting for some guerilla stunt riding. Chris Pfeiffer did just that on his BMW F800R.

Pfeiffer, better known for performing shows at MotoGP races, is clearly
channelling the work of Julien Dupont or maybe even Dougie Lampkin's Goodwood House romp, but somehow manages to miss the guerilla element
that makes Dupont's work so exciting. Both Dupont and Lampkin earn
money from their work, but don't let it spoil the overall attitude of
their work. While Pfeiffer's skill is clearly remarkable and anyone who
wheelies around the roof of a 331-foot building inarguably has a large
set of cojones, the general feel of the video is of corporate
promotion, not rule breaking and risk taking.


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