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Remember the Christian Bale freak out on the set of Terminator Salvation released by TMZ back in February? Various news sources reported at the time that the person who set it off and to whom most of the epithets were targeted was cinematographer Shane Hurlbut. In fact, it was Motorcyclist Editor-in-Chief Brian Catterson on the receiving end of Bale's wrath.

Catterson, pictured above in dismembered head form, was on set at the behest of Ducati marketing director Jim
Viola, who was supervising several Hypermotards being used
as CGI placeholders for the Mototerminators. In fact, you can catch a
brief glimpse of the journalist in yesterday's behind the scenes clip.
Catterson distracted Bale while attempting to grab a PR person's
attention, reminding her of a promised interview opportunity.

"I finally couldn't wait any longer, and attempted to get Gina's
attention by waving furiously in her direction. But in doing so, I
broke a cardinal rule of movie-set etiquette and intruded upon
Christian's line of sight. Distracted, he forgot his lines, lost his
temper and, after a verbal barrage that made even this ex-New Yorker
blush, I decided maybe I didn't need to talk to him after all," writes
Catterson in the May edition of Motorcyclist. "He was right about one
thing, though: We're through professionally."

Catterson didn't get the interview.

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