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Installation and review of the Triumph Explorer Exhaust from HMF racing.

Pipe was purchased directly from HMF. Cost was $335 with the color option.

Removal of the stock exhaust is extremely straight forward. Loosen the clamp that connects the mid pipe to the header, remove the bolt that holds the muffler to the frame and slide off the entire assembly. That's about as simple a removal process as you will find. I was even able to remove it with the pannier racks left in place for my aftermarket side cases.

HMF Exhaust Triumph Tiger Install

Installation is just as easy with only a couple extra steps. Slide the new mid pipe into place. Watching the orientation so that the pedestal is in the right location to support the center stand when retracted. Place the new bracket onto the muffler and leave loose so you can position before tightening. Next slide the supplied clamp over the end of the new muffler and attach it to the mid pipe. Use the original bolt to remount the muffler bracket to the frame and begin to tighten all the bolts until everything is secured and lined up. Use the new supplied hex head screws to swap the stock small heat shield, pop the rubber stopper off of the old mid pipe and install on the new one and voila. Start the bike and enjoy the new sound!

HMF Exhaust Triumph Tiger Install

Speaking of sound, the new pipe adds some much needed depth to the big triple while not being overly loud. It has a very mellow but pleasing tone that you can hear in the before and after videos.

The quality is apparent, even in these unboxing pictures and my poor excuse for photography. The entire exhaust had a ship weight of 11.4 pounds, lopping 6.2 pounds from the overweight stock assembly. Whether it adds a lot of performance at the dyno almost becomes irrelevant with weight loss of that amount. A very useful feature of the HMF exhaust is that it is fully rebuildable. The entire muffler can be disassembled and repacked with silencing material as it wears out or damaged pieces replaced instead of an entire exhaust system. This is a huge advantage when riding off road or even in a tip over on asphalt. It also means that when it gets too loud or starts sounding bad it still has a lot of life left. A very unique feature at this price point.

HMF Exhaust Triumph Tiger Install
HMF Exhaust Triumph Tiger Install

Since installation I have ridden several hundred miles and quite a few days commuting, riding on the weekends and just around town. I have gotten lots of compliments on both the looks and the sound from all types of riders and non-riders.

Final verdict. For the money, engineering, quality components, and finishes you really can't get any better. You could spend more on a bigger name and be happy, but if dollars matter HMF can't be beat.

"Parts of this article were supplied by HMF marketing. The exhaust was purchased by the author who was not compensated by HMF for any part of this article."

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