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In an effort to prevent industrial exploitation and preserve natural habitats, Congress has voted to designate two million acres of public land in nine states as "wilderness." H.R. 146 or the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Battlefield Acquisition Grant Program (there were some procedural manipulations by Democrats to avoid Republican attempts to stymie the bill) will create three new national park units, a new national monument, three new national conservation areas, more than 1,000 miles of national wild and scenic rivers and four new national trails. It will also enlarge the boundaries of more than a dozen existing national park units and establish 10 new national heritage areas. President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law as soon as it's presented to him.

While we support recreational motorized vehicle access to public lands
in general, we also understand the need to close specific areas of
particular ecological value that are under eminent threat. On our
review, we feel that areas in the Monongahela National Forest in West
Virginia; Jefferson National Forest in Virginia; Mount Hood, Badlands,
Spring Basin and Copper Salmon areas in Oregon; Sabinoso in New Mexico;
Riverside County in California and Washington County in Utah are in
need of immediate preservation and, in comparison, represent no great
loss to motorcyclist's land access.

The American Motorcyclist's Association made a small attempt to lobby
against the bill, but was apparently unable to grab Congress's
attention. If the AMA hopes to succeed in future land access cases, it
must build a much more cohesive argument for OHV access and learn to
use the Internet to a much greater effect when disseminating its
message and soliciting support. As it stands, the AMA -- no matter how
right its intentions -- runs the risk of having its voice lost in the

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