Cops Are Bike-Hating Jerks In Dallas Too


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So far as not getting pulled over and harassed by the cops goes, riding in a pack of “50-100” Gixxer squids probably isn’t the best plan. Still, staying under the speed limit and not doing anything dumb typically doesn’t merit this kind of harassment. Dallas squid Chris Moore was arrested by cops after refusing to turn over helmet cam footage of their ride.

Dallas police were specifically targeting squids this memorial day weekend after hundreds of them literally closed off a freeway for an impromptu, and highly illegal, stunt show last year.

According to Chris, those officers spotting his helmet cam and thought they could use it to make more arrests.

“The reason you're being pulled over is because I'm gonna take your camera and we're gonna use it as evidence of the crimes that have been committed by other bikers,” states the Sheriff’s deputy who pulled Chris over, in clear violation of his constitutional rights.

Chris was then arrested for a “concealed” license plate. While this screen grab does make it look like the plate’s position has been altered, it’s hardly concealed. Just the kind of bullshit cops throw at you when they need an excuse.

Chris’s bike was then impounded and he spent 8 hours in jail. His lawyer describes the cops’ behaviour as “just going rogue and pulling over the first guy they saw with a helmet camera on.”

Thanks for the tip, Tim.

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