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MCN just snapped these shots of a disguised Ducati Stradaperta performing extreme endurance testing on a motocross track, saying, "The bike was getting at least six feet of air over some of the jumps." Thus far, every indication has been that Ducati's new liquid-cooled adventure tourer would be heavily road-biased, with an exposed front cylinder and non-knobbly tires.

The thinking has been that since no one would want to be stranded in a
desert, 100 miles from nowhere, by Ducati's famous reliability, the
Stradaperta would be following in the footsteps of the Multistrada in
its off-road inspiration/on-road limitation and would improve on the
Multistrada's performance with a liquid-cooled engine of either 1099 or

These photos would seem to prove otherwise, indicating off-road
performance capable of easily rivaling the BMW R1200GS, if not the HP2
Enduro. We suspect something a little more fishy is going on here.
Still unconvinced that the exposed and highly-tuned Italian superbike
engine could ever be suitable for true off-roading, we're going to go
out on a limb and guess that these shots are another attempt by Ducati
to build hype around the new bike. How did a spy photographer catch
such clear shots at a presumably remote location? How did he/she know
to be there in the first place? In the hands of an expert rider, the
heavy, presumably fragile Stradaperta could be made to lap a motocross
track even if, in the real world, such a feat would be considered
warranty-voiding abuse of the worst possible degree. We still expect
the Stradaperta to be more a rival for the KTM 990 SMT and Triumph
Tiger than the R1200GS and KTM 990 Adventure. One things for sure, it's
still ugly.

via Motorcycle News

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