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In one week, the sale of motorcycles intended for children twelve and under will be banned. Why? The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will illegalize the sale of all products intended for that age group that contain 600 parts per million of lead or more. Even though many kids ride, rather than eat, their motorcycles, CPSIA fails to make that distinction. Today, Honda issued a notice to its dealers that unless a last minute exemption is granted, sales of children's motorcycles must cease by February 10.


CPSIA will affect all manufactures and retailers of children's
motorcycles, not just Honda. Quite frankly, with just a week to go,
we're stunned that all we've heard of this is emails forwarded from
dealers. This is a serious threat not only to the short-term profits of
motorcycle makers and dealers, but to their long-term health. Fewer
children riding motorcycles means fewer future customers. Let's hope
that external indications of a negligent industry belie some serious
behind-the-scenes action.

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