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Theft is a huge problem in cities not only for motorcycles, but also for bicycles. Leave a nice bike parked outside in New York, and chances are it will be gone by the time you get back, or at least harvested for parts. Cube’s designers have taken a novel approach to this problem, creating a high-end, full-size road bike that folds into an incredibly small package.

Sure, folding bikes have been around for years, but with tiny wheels
and diminutive frames, they’re a pain in the butt — literally. The Urban
Concept Bike trumps them by being not only desirable, but also lightweight and good to ride. The Softride-style seat support should help
smooth out the ride too.

We’d love to have a motorcycle — maybe one with an electric engine —
that could fold up small enough for easy storage without compromising
its performance or looks.

Cube Bikes

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