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This bike has no “features,” it has no electronically adjustable suspension, floating clocks, ABS brakes, iDrive, color screen or even a 1,600cc straight-six engine. What it has instead is a simplicity of purpose. But just because Honda won’t sell something like it to you, doesn’t mean you can’t build it. Meet the Anvil Honda CB750, it’s a motorcycle, period.

To create this bike, Anvil started with a 1981 Honda CB750, modifying it surprisingly little. Suspension was rebuilt and firmed up, the rear fender was choppped, a seat was fabricated, clip-ons were fitted, paint was applied  and custom headlights were built. The result is a purposeful, mean, simple cafe racer in the Wrenchmonkees mold.

“Our aim is to shape bikes with character, with a soul, with a beautiful vintage style but tough and technically perfect,” describes Anvil, a new custom house in Italy. If only an OEM had such a sense of purpose. Oh, and Honda, this is how you do a classic logo.

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