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As David Edwards said in his letter to Honda about the Cobra RS750 Scrambler, most of the parts you see on these bikes aren’t available and Honda has no plans to make anything like them. The point, then? Cobra wants to encourage people to customize their bikes (and hopefully buy an exhaust or two from them in the process.) We can’t think of any better encouragement than this Cobra RS750 Tracker. Like the Scrambler, just a few choice modifications have transformed a mostly-stock bike from turd to the new hotness.

The inspiration behind this red, white and blue bike is fairly obvious. It’s meant to look like Bubba Shobert’s RS750. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I just IM’d Grant this picture of Bubba’s bike and he responded, “Fuck, that is cool.” Grant usually just says something sarcastic then goes and crosses his legs like Jean Luc Picard.

According to Cobra, the modifications to this Honda Shadow RS (ick) were more significant than the ones required to make the Scrambler. We’ll let Cobra tell you about the work involved:

“While the front part of the frame is mostly Honda, the rear half is all Denny Berg. Out went the twin shocks, replaced by a single Progressive damper. That move required a braced swingarm and reinforced pivot plates, the latter drilled for lightness and that "comp shop" look. More of Denny's craftsmanship is evident in the twin ceramic-coated mufflers and in the metal front numberplate with two projector-beam headlamps nicely incorporated. This gas tank is an RS component but with its seams smoothed and an aircraft-type filler grafted on. The fiberglass tailsection is as used on the actual Team Honda racers -- like the Scrambler's seat, padding and upholstery was handled by longtime Cobra collaborator Kevin Lehan from LeMans Seats. Paint for both bikes was sprayed by Scott "Chivo" Harrington of Lead Sled Customs.”

Honda, don’t listen to David Edwards, make this one. Please.


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