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Presented at London Fashion Week last month, Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto fame applied their famous “Flash” print to a BMW R1200R. Flash is a Dazzle camouflage-like repeating print that has come to define the husband/wife fashion brand, they’ve applied it on everything from bicycles to dresses to iPhone covers and now this BMW motorcycle.

The R1200R is about as conservative as motorcycle design gets, even refraining from going shamelessly retro. Having said that, hiding behind the invariably dull silver paint are actually some handsome lines. Flash serves the dual function of corrupting that conservative design and highlighting the shapes and forms of the bodywork. It’s loud without being tacky and helps highlight the creases and form, particularly on the tank.

BMW France, who collaborated with Mark on this project had no plans to ever offer a bike painted this way for sale, but response has apparently been so positive that they’re considering a small production run.

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