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If Darth Vader lived in Indonesia, rode motorcycles and the Empire was on a budget (we hear the Imperial Senate can never agree on anything), this is the bike he would ride. The little Hajarbroxx adopts fairly standard cafe or tracker styling cues, which seems unremarkable until you realize what motorcycle it’s based on.

This is the donor bike, a Honda GL200. Fairly standard for basic Indonesian transportation, but ye gads is it ugly.

The rear half of the frame, swingarm, exhaust and tank are all custom fabricated to achieve that cafe racer aesthetic, while a Suzuki Cub headlight fairing and wider yokes from a CB650 were fitted to allow a wider front tire.

The mix between third world practicality seen in the fairing and license plate as abbreviated front mudguard combined with western archetypes like the retro tank and looped subframe lends the bike a sense of utility lacking from most overwrought, high-dollar custom cafe racers.

Hajarbroxx via Silodrome

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