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What do you get when you cross the distilled essence of two-wheeled awesome with a tiny pit bike? The Hammarhead Bad Monkey was brought to life by the same mad scientist as the Jack Pine and Solo X, but unlike those two bikes, you can probably put this Hammarhead on your credit card; the five they’ll make go for $1,850.

Hammarhead starts with the 110cc Z50-replica kit sold through CHP before cosmetically altering it to fit their matte-black aesthetic.

“The build is pretty simple,” says James Hammarhead.  “I repackage the battery to a hidden location under the seat and clean up  the wiring and cables. We painstakingly remove 150 tiny QA stickers adhered with a special super strength rubber cement.  The tail light is tucked under the seat and the tank is painted matte black (natch).”

This bike is also wearing Hammarhead tank badges.

This particular bike was auctioned to benefit a local preschool while another, near-identical Monkey serves as Hammarhead’s official pit bike.

We used this bike as official HFL transportation at a video shoot we did at Monticello yesterday (more on that soon). Riding it around the south course, we reached a top speed of 40mph and did enough off-roading through the grass to determine that the hard tail really doesn’t like landing jumps. There’s something about hooning a classy looking, yet patently ridiculous bike like this that just makes people smile. This is motorcycling at its most silly.


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