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Wow, we’re seriously impressed with CSC's Hayabusa. One of the first 2008 models to be customized, the job was fully sanctioned by Suzuki in collaboration with fashion company L-R-G. Our favorite part is the GSX-R 1000 tailpiece, which really lightens the look of the whole bike. It’s helped by the GP-style exhaust and single-sided swingarm, not to mention the Lexan wheels.

We admire the company's commitment to the white theme, even the frame and fork stanchions are pigment free. But we can’t help but feel that it would have looked a bit better if they’d chosen a single color for the mechanical components and stuck with that. The mixture of white, gold, black and silver is a bit much, as is the spearmint green accent color. CSC would have done better leaving it off the seat and turn signals. We hope Suzuki takes a few lessons from this bike for the new Hayabusa’s mid-life facelift, especially at the back end.

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