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“How about a modern re-interpretation of a classic theme?” Asked Triumph product manager Simon Warburton when he commissioned this bike. “A bike based around our 865cc air-cooled parallel-twin, styled to appeal to younger riders. Maybe it would be the bike the Bonneville might have evolved into in an alternative universe?”

The two design students who built the bike, Roy Norton and Tom Kasher (pictured here), then drew upon influences from cafe racers, bobbers and classic Triumphs to create this Speed Twin. The final product is so good, it’s partially responsible for new jobs for the pair at England’s Xenophya Motorcycle Design.

Roy and Tom conceived the Speed Twin for their final year thesis project at the Northumbria University Transport Design program. In addition to input from Triumph, Barbour contributed its expertise in fashion and clothing as well. The Speed Twin sports a hand-wrapped seat and grips made from Barbour waxed cotton.

To create the bike, the designers started with a Bonneville frame and engine, altering the rear portion of the frame to accept the monoshock and fitting girder forks. Bodywork was then applied in sculpted clay. The result is something that combines retro-futuristic lines with an air of modern performance. It’s immediately a Bonneville, just one that looks like it evolved in an alternate universe.

“The bike looks great and there are some elements of it that may have an influence on some of our future projects,” says Warburton.

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