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The surprising thing here isn’t that someone built a Tron: Legacy Lightcycle replica nor that they could, it’s that Playboy is going to put this bike on its cover. Essentially two incredibly wide hubless wheels connected by a hand-fabricated steel frame and powered by a Suzuki TL v-twin, fiberglass is then laid over all that to give it the futuristic look. Performance? Well, the first video should give you an idea of that.

Parker Brothers Choppers, the soon-to-be reality TV stars behind this build, say it’s “street legal” but we’re going to keep quotes around that until we see that they didn’t just plate and insure the VIN off that TL motor.

In this first build video, hailing from July, the brothers Parker describer their intent as they embark on the build. Perhaps tellingly, the extreme riding position is described as “similar to a sportbike’s” even though laying down on top of an engine in full superman flight-pose is anything but.

Build update 2: you can see that the bodywork came before anything else.

In this video, the “myth” that the Lightcycle won’t turn is incontrovertibly dispelled.

This is the video most enthusiasts will be interested in, hubless wheels! As you can see the actual execution of the wheels is relatively simple, consisting of an outer rim that rotates on roller bearings mounted to an inner rim. Steel plates then reach around the wide tires, bolting on to that inner rim to connect it to the bike. There doesn’t appear to be any suspension front or rear.

According to Autopia, there will be just 10 Lightcycles available at a cost of $55,000. Deliveries are scheduled to start in time for Tron: Legacy’s premier on 17 December.

The Parker Brothers have also made a custom Batpod, although the Batpod we featured was created by Chopper City USA.

Parker Brother Choppers via Autopia

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