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We've been admiring Dainese's range of neck protectors for a while now, but until now we've been reluctant to purchase one -- they only worked with the company's range of back protectors, leathers and jackets, which we don't use. Now, Dainese is offering neck protectors that will be retrofitable to non-equipped jackets and leathers or capable of being worn on their own under any jackets.


While the neck protectors offer much less protection than the
Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support, they should be much easier and more
comfortable to wear, meaning you'll be able to wear one more of the
time. Since on-bike safety relies on always being prepared for the
worst, a system that's everyday comfortable will offer more protection,
more of the time than something that can only be worn occasionally.

Pictured is the Neck 6 with strap (top), which can be worn under any
jacket, the Neck 4 (middle), which is compatible with certain Dainese
products, and the Wave V 1-2-3 Neck, which is the ultimate expression
of Dainese's neck protection.


In addition to increasing safety by providing impact and over-extension
protection, Dainese claims the products enhance comfort by providing
support, both in a racing crouch and upright as on a touring bike.


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