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Until the Dainese D-Air or Alpinestars airbag suit reach the market, we're guessing the Dainese Jacket Wave Pro (combined with a leather jacket or suit) is the safest you can practically and comfortably make your upper body on the road. Combining protection for the neck, chest and shoulder blades with the usual elbow/shoulder/back stuff is what makes this system special, but the aluminum honeycomb-core armor doesn't hurt either.


You could, of course, wear an Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support or Leatt
brace for increased neck protection, but they don't tend to work well
over bulky leather and we hear they can reduce the degree to which you
can turn your head, not ideal when you've got to be checking over your
shoulder constantly.

Unlike full neck braces, Dainese's neck protectors don't prevent your
head from being jammed down between your shoulders or side-to-side
movement, but rather prevent your next from flexing too far backwards
and provide protection from impacts. Less protection than a brace for
sure, but you're more likely to wear this kind of neck protection more
of the time, meaning you're more likely to have this on when you need

All of this protection is incorporated into Dainese's high-end jackets
or is available in component form. We've never actually figured out a
practical application of a street-use armor jacket since we prefer our
armor incorporated into our jackets and wear our back protectors
separately, but it does illustrate the degree of protection that is

Also, what's the deal with the guys that wear jackets like this without
leather over them? They get the need for safety, but don't execute it
fully? Of course, we'll never understand the need for an extended
swingarm on an R1 either.

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