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Dainese has released a water-proof leather jacket using the Gore-Tex laminated membrane, and we're freaking out. Not only is Dainese one of the first to mass produce products with the membrane, but they've set the bar extraordinarily high by making a stunningly elegant jacket. In fact, we think it's the sleekest design of functional safety gear we've seen in years, if not ever.



Gone are the giant tacky logos, wild graphics and bold color
treatments that have plagued safety gear for decades. The Verbier Pelle
instead uses sparse lines and a high collar with a whole bunch of
black. Crazy pockets and big diagonal zippers have no place either,
giving way to just two vertical cut flaps with hidden zips. A single
Dainese logo is placed on the shoulders in flat black, like a
cool bespoke patch instead of the standard, ostentatious branding that
belongs on the comic stand.


The fact that a jacket this nice is
actually using advanced technology combining Dainese's D-Tec with the
Gore-Tex patented membrane is frankly blowing our minds. In Dainese's
words, "the Verbier jacket offers waterproofing and breathability,
together with the typical properties of strength and anti-abrasion of
full-grain cowhide. The special localised perforation, patented by
Dainese, ensures breathability and seam strength."

The jacket also comes with a removable thermal vest as well as
composite protectors on shoulders and elbows. While we can't really
understand why the Verbier doesn't offer built-in or removable back
protection, we'll get our own back proctectors in the meantime and
expect an upgrade for next year's release. And since we're nit-picking, we'd also ditch the shoulder patches and opt for a similar, smaller single logo on the left corner of the collar, but that's just us.

The only bad news is that
the $999 Verbier is listed as "out of stock" at the moment, but Dainese
has told us the jacket will be available by the end of April.


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