The neat thing about the Tattoo suit, based on Dainese's second tier Ykz. racing suit, is the process used to create the patterns. The suit is made from kangaroo skin laminated with a layer of Lorica (the fake leather most racing boots are made from). The shapes are then carved out of the Lorica, exposing the white kangaroo skin beneath. It's the design that Dainese has chosen to apply to the suit that we take issue with.>

Designed by Australian tattoo artist Luca Ionesco, the pattern draws
influence from both traditional Maori and Japanese tattoos. Yes, two of
the most hackneyed styles of tattoo that exist. Furthermore, the same
design will be applied to each and every one of the limited edition
suits, meaning that none of these Tattoos will be unique to its owner.

We'd much rather see Dainese allow individual customers to submit their
own patterns, which could then be carved out at the factory. Buyers
could choose to have their own tattoos repeated on their suits, explore
designs they'd never have permanently etched on their own skin or even
create their own non-tattoo inspired race patterns. The important thing
is that each and every suit would be absolutely unique, just like any
good tattoo.

Click the image above for the gallery.

Dainese via iWishihadthis

Thanks for the tip, Adam.

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