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Dainese is testing a new airbag optimized for the racetrack. By employing accelerometers and gyroscopes capable of calculating when a crash happens (other systems use a ripcord connected to the handlebars), not only does Dainese hope to eliminate unnecessary airbag deployment, but also offer protection should the rider stay with the bike in a fall.

Housed in a pouch of fabric that extends from the back hump over the shoulders, the airbag looks minimally intrusive and, when deployed, prevents the neck from being over extended, as well as cushioning impacts to that region and the collarbone.

Dainese is initially developing the D-Air for racing where liability litigation is less of an issue. As such, it’s easily detachable, allowing for quick restarts. Should it prove successful, expect to see a similar airbag offered on Dainese’s high-end suits as early as next year. A video of the airbag being used in a crash follows the jump.

Dainese via The Biker Gene

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