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New for 2009, the Dainese W-Frame racing suit draws inspiration from the BioSuit space suit co-developed with MIT. The BioSuit is meant to revolutionize extravehicular mobility in outer space, while the W-Frame intends to do the same for on-bike mobility here on Earth. Immediately noticeable on the W-Frame is the BioSuit like pattern on the fabric chest piece, but the biggest innovation takes place inside. A 3D bubble liner creates specifically contoured air pockets between the rider’s skin and the leather. Air is then channeled by the suit’s ventilation ducts through those channels, keeping the rider cool.


That ventilation will be greater than ever before thanks to the
addition of a stiff body to the aerodynamic back hump, which contains
both inlet and exhaust ducts to accelerate air as it passes through.
Dainese describes conditions inside the suit as “a fresh and aerated
microclimate,” which sounds a whole lot better than the stinky, sweaty
microclimate that exists inside our race leathers.

Like the BioSuit, the W-Frame is also intended to fit closer then ever
while allowing an unprecedented degree of mobility. This is achieved
through a combination of stretch panels — especially that fabric chest,
which is composed from “a thermoformed combination of elastic material,
polyurethane screen, and special anti-scratch Lycra” —as well as new
armor designed to be far less intrusive than before. To create it,
titanium panels are riveted into plastic pockets, which are then molded
into the suit’s leather.


We love the highly technical look achieved by the combination of all of
these features, and would love to be able to tell you more about this
and the rest of Dainese’s 2009 product range. Unfortunately we’re
finding it extremely difficult to get our hands on images and info from
the company, instead relying on bad translations from Italian language
sites. We don’t even know when, or if, the W-Frame will go on sale
either in Europe or America, but can’t wait to try one out, if and when
we ever get the chance.

Dainese via Motoblog

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