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Swedish Dakar competitor Annie Seel got a nasty surprise when she veered off course on her KTM and suddenly found herself riding into a 16-foot deep vertical tomb. We'll let her describe it, "The track split around some ruins, and joined again after. To avoid dust I cut from right track over to the left, across a small rise. Behind the rise a 5m deep tomb opened, 2x3 wide. I rode to slow to jump and to fast to stop. Put brakes on, slide bike to the left and abandon ship. I managed to jump to the left edge while bike tumbled down. I am lucky not to go down cause the walls were impossible to climb."

"Stopped some riders to call for help. A helicopter came and I climbed
down with a thin rope to check bike, it was ok. We tried to pull the
bike, but no. They said I must wait for the organisation truck to come
and help. Took a while but then Mr Etienne Lavigne, race director,
arrived in a helicopter instead. Like a true hero he climbed down with
a rope, tied my bike with the real tie roses, and instructed the pilot
how to lift it. Now I could continue the race, saved by the angel from
above. Only suffering from painful swollen hand and aching foot."


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