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Enterprising businessmen in Hungary have launched a new motorcycle brand with a classic name — Danuvia. A major player in their domestic market in the 1950s, Danuvia died off with its parent company Csepel, late in the decade. The new company riffs the firm’s historic off-road racing success with a road-legal flat tracker called the SupeRetro and a supermoto called Nova. Both use a 510cc Sherco single, high-specification components like Öhlins suspension and Brembo radials and weigh in at about 110kg.


We’re seriously impressed with the apparent build quality and style of
both bikes, but the SupeRetro in particular exudes the right mix of
retro influence, but up-to-date design that we’d like to see from more
(or any) factory flat track bikes.


Danuvia via  Thanks for the tip, Árpád.

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