Category: Dailies

I clearly remember playing hooky from school, sitting in front of the television at my grandparent's house and watching the VJ tell me, "We just got this brand new video in with tattooed cheerleaders from some band out of Seattle called Nirvana. It's pretty cool, so check it out." Needless to say, this latest bit of marketing from Harley is kicking my inner 16-year old square in the crotch. Hard. Shamelessly putting his sales-cap on, Grohl states with all seriousness, "spend two minutes with this thing, and it's pretty much the most fun you've ever had... It handles really well... and it looks badass." If he'd said that about the Harley XR1200X or the Iron 883, I might have been okay with him selling out since he wouldn't have been lying through his teeth. But the Street Glide Trike?!?


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