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Photos: Neil Bridge

"Head Set" is the latest series of helmets from Death Spray Custom, the artist responsible for our Dazzle camo AGVs. There's three separate designs here, "Phrenology," "Hair," and "Brains." All three are a clever take on revealing what's beneath the actual helmet, but our favorite is "phrenology." When was the last time you saw some basic black and white text make a helmet look so cool?

Phrenology is a pseudoscience that posits personality traits can be
determined by the lumps and bumps on your head. Phrenologists created
maps of the skull, labeling certain areas with personality traits
supposedly connected to those areas. David (the mad genius behind DSC)
has applied one of those maps to this helmet. Simple, but
transformative, the helmet is now an object of wonder and mystery
instead of a lump of Styrofoam and fiberglass.

This design should be required wearing on a Hammarhead Industries bike,
you'll see why in a few days.

Death Spray

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