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To create the DH2.0, Derbi combined the accessibility of a bicycle with the performance of a trials bike. The 100cc engine makes 8bhp, while the entire package weighs just 40kg dry. The incredibly low weight is made possible by the use of an incredibly minimal chassis and exotic materials. The swingarm, for instance, is made up of tiny carbon fiber beams braced with carbon blades.


Other intricate details include the radial front brake caliper, black
nitride forks and footpegs that look like bicycle pedals. If this
concept is ever adapted for production, expect it to fall in spec and
gain weight in an effort to reduce its price.

We like easily accessible off-road bikes like this or the M85, but
can't emphasize enough the need to fit them with electric engines.
Bikes like the electric Quantya motocrosser represent the future of
off-road riding, sacrificing no performance, and their utter silence
will help us hang on to existing riding areas or even open new ones.

Derbi via Motociclismo

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