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Figuring that there’s an unexploited group of people out there looking for frugal transportation but put-off by traditional moped looks, Derringer Cycles brings us this board track-style 50cc scooter/bicycle hybrid. Just like a traditional moped, riders pedal to get going, then sit back and relax while the tiny engine takes them up to 35mph while returning up to 180mpg.


While we think board-track racing is cool, we can’t help but feel that
custom bikes created to emulate its style feel a bit overwrought.
Derringer claims that many of the mopeds that have already been sold
were purchased along with in-home display stands, indicating that
customers are buying them as toys, not real transportation. Having said
that, the bicycle-style chassis and girder front suspension are neat,
as is the sprung Brooks saddle. Call us crazy, but we’d rather have a
traditional 50cc moped or scooter, but then we’re just a couple of
internet nerds.

Derringer Cycles via Autofiends

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