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The CBR600RR is quite possibly the most complete motorcycle we’ve ever ridden. So it’s difficult for us to understand why a company that is so good at making motorcycles can occasionally be so bad at painting them. I mean, we understand that bikes like this need to be marketed to a young demographic. But by latching onto a trend that was never actually cool, all Honda is doing with the Graffiti color scheme (thankfully, an option) is alienating people who will be acutely aware of just how has-been this kind of thing is.

Instead of attempting — and failing — to latch onto spurious fashion trends,
motorcycle manufacturers need to concentrate on cohesively branding
their products as luxury items, each with their own unique identity.
Just look how well that’s worked out for Apple; the company's products are as
cool as it gets, and it didn’t have to resort to bad
graffiti-inspired graphics to make them that way. It’s clear that Honda
already knows how to do this. The CBR1000RR is evidence of that.

In the UK, Honda chooses to speak up to its audience with a wonderful series of ads from Weiden + Kennedy. We challenge you to watch this ad and tell us you don’t want to run out and buy a Honda. Do graffiti graphics make you want to do the same thing? We thought not.


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