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We're really impressed with the attention Zero has shown to manufacturing and process on the new S. While many have wrongly criticized the Zero X for its use of seemingly under-built BMX componentry, the 2009 Zero S electric supermoto is a study of strength through deception and reduction. According to Neal Saiki, the giant twin-spar aluminum chassis with Fox rear shock only weighs 28 lbs. Moving beyond the incredible lightness, the beautifully crafted wields are all the more impressive when considering the hollow chassis' walls
are a mere 80 thousandths of an inch.>

The giant hollow tubes used in both the chassis and the swingarm are visually powerful not to mention incredibly stiff, helping give the Zero a strong connection with American metal working. Other notable elements are the front brake disc with heat-wicking nodes and the upside down forks with lighter aluminum sliders instead of convention steel. Then there's the thick-gauge polypropylene non-toxic body plastics, malleable yet dense enough for withstanding multiple hits.

Naturally, the partially exposed modular battery that can be upgraded as technology advances is great as well, but the giant logos lean a bit heavy on the tech nerd side. However, since Zero prefers natural, industrial finishes on all their surfaces, we're thinking those stickers come off pretty easily without damage.

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