Last night, when the 2009 Aprilia RSV4 leaked, we were a bit underwhelmed with its looks. But then, when we got our hands on the first official images of the Aprilia RSV4 Factory and Race Machine, we realized that something truly beautiful lay beneath the Total Recall headlights and red paint. Look at the Aprilia RSV4 in all-carbon and a muscular, aggressive, brutish machine takes shape. But to do that is only to appreciate part of the RSV4’s beauty, because its real appeal lies in its details. The amount of attention the Aprilia engineers and designers have given
to texture, form and an almost symphonic use of machined surfaces is
nothing short of astounding. Click through for our favorite parts
(there’s a lot of them).
>RSV4 Factory screen and inner fairing.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-01.jpgRSV4 Race Machine front sprocket, adjustable swingarm mount.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-01.jpgRSV4 Factory swingarm with sand-cast, machined and polished surfaces.

2009_Aprilia_RSV4_DF-02.jpgRSV4 Race Machine logo.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-02.jpgRSV4 Factory exhaust endcap.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-03.jpgRSV4 Race Machine clutch cover and engine electrics.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-03.jpgRSV4 Factory radiator cowl.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-04.jpgRSV4 Race Machine Akropovic exhaust, carbon hanger, carbon strap.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-04.jpgRSV4 Factory machined sidestand.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-05.jpgRSV4 Race Machine clutch cover and adjustable swingarm mount.

2009_Aprilia_RSV4_DF-05.jpgRSV4 Factory radiator with honeycomb guard.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-06.jpgRSV4 Race Machine machined, welded and cast frame.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-06.jpgRSV4 Factory headlights.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-07.jpgRSV4 Race Machine front cowl, ram-air vents and Tricolore.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-07.jpgRSV4 Factory gear lever.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-08.jpgRSV4 Race Machine tail.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-08.jpgRSV4 Factory taillight and numberplate hanger.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-09.jpgRSV4 Race Machine shock.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-09.jpgRSV4 Factory clutch cover.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-10.jpgRSV4 Race Machine rearsets.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-10.jpgRSV4 Factory engine cases.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DF-11.jpgRSV4 Race Machine ulta-thin triple clamp with flat black finish.

2009_Aprilia-RSV4-DR-11.jpgRSV4 Factory triple clamps and clocks.

Aprilia_RSV4_DF-12.jpgRSV4 Race Machine front brakes and FGR 800 forks.

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