By combining the rear turn signals and grab handles into the same slim, angular, body-colored units, Moto Morini has arrived at an elegant solution for two parts generally overlooked during the design process. Not only do they locate the signals at the ideal height and width — easily clearing luggage without looking ungainly — but combined with the large, flat seat, they also provide the ideal attachment for bungee cords and an easy perch for a passenger’s hands. Unfortunately, they’re also symptomatic of the Granpasso’s greatest fault.

Very vulnerable should the bike topple over, they’re extremely impractical off-road, just like the large, exposed exhaust, abundant side plastics and 17” wheels. All this adds up to make the 120bhp Granpasso more a rival for road-going adventure bikes like the Triumph Tiger than the dirt-oriented KTM Adventure.

Moto Morini

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