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Tuscon just sent us images of the BT550 in full race trim. We think the new fairing is the most refreshing design on a mid-size racer since the Ducati Supermono. Seriously. The edges are a bit jagged around the forced-induction vent, but so what? That's nothing a little bit of dremeling can't fix.>

The more we look at the Tucson BT550 Superleggera, the more we think they've nailed a flawless balance of grounded engineering with forward thinking design. The face looks like a dreamed up '80s concept of the future, except its use of industrial materials and subtle line gestures are perfectly modern, leaving it free of cliché.

The lower fairing is just as elegant, exposing the best glimpses of the Aprilia v-twin. The lower overlaps the upper panel just enough like some kind of architectural element, accentuated by the dual fasteners. The angles are minimal and light, reminding us of origami, which for a French design is perfectly quirky, yet still works amazingly well.

The team is promising more technical information and photos on the finished machine for later this week.


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