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“This is our version of a Pirelli calendar,” explains our buddy Kate. That’s right, everyone’s favorite biker-gang-fashion-brand has discovered the golden rule of advertising: sex sells. But where in Bushwick can you find such nice, young ladies? What do they have to do with abrasion-resistant denim? And did they save any for us? We sat down with Deth Killers head honcho Greg Minnig to find out.


Us: Why does DK use women for its site if it doesn't make women's gear?
Him: We did some market research and it turns out our focus group-selected demographic market likes clevage.

Us: You guys sexist or something?
Him:Ya we are totally sexy!

Us: Where did you find the ladies?
Him:We found them on the space shuttle. This one time. The space shuttle, that is where we go to meet ladies.

Us: How much did they get?
Him: For tax purposes I can not explain the prices.

Us: How many of the girls have given Greg a lap dance?
Him: Lap dances are for strippers, these girls ride the space shuttle. Strippers do not ride the space shuttle or at least not anymore.

Us: Is that bath full of milk?
Him: Yes, tiger milk. That is the best kind of milk you know.

Us: Why not just use coke addicted 13 year old Eastern Europeans?
Him: This is something we were not aware of, but we will keep that in mind for next time. Can you tell us how to get to the country of Eastern Europe? They are good riding there?

Greg's animal magnetism is palpable. This is actually how he cleans himself; the gun show scares the dirt away.

Us: If someone wanted to get sexy like Greg, how would they go about that?
Him:They only need wear our new fragrance for men: Nightmare Sex, it is the combination of Drakkar Noir and danger. Available soon.

Us: Do any of these girls ride?
Him: What do you mean? They ride the space shuttle. It is like you are not listening or something.

Us: Who killed the deer?
Him: Explosion Robinson. He was a record store with a lightening bolt.

Us: How can I be the next Deth Killer Girl?
Him: Check our website for an application to apply. You should be pretty or awesome or pretty awesome.

Us: From where comes all your awesome ideas, not just the clothing, but also the smart ones?
Him:Sometimes they come from in outter space. Sometimes they come from Pumps.

Us: Pumps, what is pumps?
Him:Funny you should ask, have you been?

Us: No, is it a person?
Him:It is the place in Bushwick that belongs to everybody.

Us: Can I ask you another question?
Him:No, thank you, it is really nice we have to go do wheelies now.

This is just a small select from the shoot that appears on the Deth Killers site. Refresh their page to see them all.

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