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Have you ever seen a cleaner hardtail than this modified Kawasaki W650 from Deus Ex Machina? It’s not until you view the seat and rear fender top down in the 47-image gallery below that you really appreciate how ridiculously simplified this bike is. There’s literally nothing extraneous anywhere on it, but Deus is still able to hide surprise-and-delight touches like the speedo tucked in just in front of the seat.

Even while being pared to the bare basics, the bike still has room for dramatic visual features like the swoopy exhaust pipes (this thing will be loud) and the fork-mounted mirror. Note how the chromed-spring in the girder front end is mirrored by the chrome seat-support springs, all contrasting the black frame and front-end.

Deus had planned some elegant, but fussy tank badges for the Red Grinder, but at the last minute discovered they didn’t fit. We think that’s a good thing, interrupting the clean, smooth lines of the tank would have unnecessarily complicated the look and interrupted long, easy caresses. Is it wrong that we fetishize custom bikes like this?

Instead, these badges are destined for a Grievous Angel that’s on it’s way to New York. We'll flog it when it gets here.

Deus bolt-on hardtail W650
21" front and 18" rear alloy polished rims stainless steel spokes
Girder springer front fork
Front and rear brake drums
Custom fittings: blinkers and mirrors
Solo seat pan - custom leather by John Pissani
WM™ polished battery box
Hight tension cloth leads
4.5 inch head light
Custom fab led tail light
Custom fab billet foot pegs
Struted rear steel rear fender
Alloy front fender
Modified Triumph T120 fuel tank
Upside down W style bar chrome
Internal micro switches, brass plated
Daytona electronic speedo with idiot lights
Slash cut baffled stainless steel Performance exaust system
Soda blasted engine
Polished engine covers
730 cc big bore kit, Wiseco™ piston
Ported and flowed head cylinder
Performance mild camshaft
Dynojet stage 2, K filter with brass plated covers
Black satin powder coat frame and hubs
8 coats of red from Dutchy

Built with care and expertise by Jeremy Tagand, Deus head mechanic.

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