Diavel goes black, will never go back


Category: Dailies

The appeal of this all-black Ducati Diavel is simple to divine. If you were to park it in a darkened room or ride it at night or in a poorly illuminated tunnel, you wouldn’t have to see it. While the dumbed-down Multistrada promises to be long on class-defying performance and handling, it’s short on looks. At least the kind of looks you’d want to look at, that is. Ducati says it's dropping the white version for this “Diamond Black” Diavel based on customer feedback from people unfortunate enough to have seen the bike at motorcycle shows. We suppose “My eyes! My god it’s hideous! *turns to stone*” could be considered a form of customer feedback and applaud Ducati for taking steps to fight the epidemic of spontaneous projectile vomiting that’s inexplicably occurring concurrent with motorcycle show openings. Oh, and Ducati, you missed a spot.

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