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A Diesel/AGV helmet collaboration seems like a great idea. Combine the materials and look of a credible street fashion label with the quality and safety of one of the biggest helmet makers and you should have a winner. Sadly, the Diesel Motorcycle Helmet fails to adapt the merits of either company, resulting in a product that doesn't live up to expectations.

Let's start with the good: solid color choices that aren't available on
typical motorcycles helmets, particularly the matte bronze and matt
white; chunky metal and leather hardware; a visor shape inspired by
pilot's helmets or at least the Roof Boxer V8.

The bad: based on a cheap, jet-style helmet that won't protect your
pretty face in a crash; an extremely cheap and tacky Diesel logo;
generic helmet lining; a silly faux-hawk leather appliqué on top; a
heavy thermoplastic rather than lightweight fiber shell.

Instead of a cheap helmet that'll appeal to scooter riders with
questionable taste, we'd have much rather seen Diesel apply these
colors and a luxurious lining to a high-end helmet like the AGV Ti-Tech. Fancy helmets like that attract riders with an eye for safety
and comfort as well as style, so maintaining the design,
construction and function of the Ti-Tech, but adding more desirable colors and a
lining (maybe denim or similar, this is Diesel) that didn't feel like
sportswear would create a unique product. It's actually something we
hope Ruby does. We wouldn't pay $800+ for an open-face, but we would
pay a premium for an Arai Corsair V lined in lambskin.


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