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I have known Dimitri Coste for about a year now. Although we have never met in person, I feel like we are family. The French rider and photographer is a bit of an anomaly while simultaneously straddling the worlds or BMX, moto cross, vintage and performance. He is respected by all of the above worlds and has a keen eye for design. Not only is he maybe the only photographer to have his own shoe, he has had a motocross boot with Alpinestars and now a flat track boot with Vans. 

I spoke with Dimitri about his latest project with Vans. 

KE: How did this awesome boot happen? 

DC: On most of the race tracks it is mandatory to wear boots that are 8 inches high minimum. The Dirt Quake race in UK was coming, and I thought that might be a good occasion to work on a pair of boots I could actually ride on track with in style. Vans is about to launch this pair of boots called Breton Hi with a Vibram sole, and I thought this would be a great base for making myself a racing boot. They loved the idea and right away we were working on it. I wanted them very simple and kinda low-pro so I went for full black leather and just a heel suede yellow strap to match my vintage leather pants. 

Ian Gray, OTW designer added the logo that is gonna be on my upcoming signature OTW with the OTW logo inspired by the BSA Logo my brother did for me for Catalina. It happened so fast, I mean people at Vans were so reactive and efficient, the boots were designed approved and produced in a month.

KE: These boots are pretty sick! They seem so comfy! I feel like I wear them riding and when I am not,  do you? 

DC: Sure yes, and I actually worn them few times to walk in Paris and on one of my photo shoot. They look perfect when I watch them from the top with a pair of denims on. Those boots feel amazingly comfortable and smooth, and they're pretty light as well. 

KE: For those who don't ride, can you explain why they are asymmetrical?

DC: Yes they are asymmetrical just on the toes, right foot get the shifter leather pad, left foot doesn't.

If they ever go to production, instead of having shifter pads on both sides I'd love to offer the choice. For example, on a limited run of 500 pairs, 250 with left shifter leather pad and 250 with right shifter leather pad. I like the asymmetrical look and it's pretty discreet and kinda says what you ride.

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