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Six women from Dubai's Department of Protective Security and Emergency have been chosen to form the Gulf region's first all-woman quick response team. Quite frankly we're awed. Handpicked as personal bodyguards for ministers, heads of state, political figures like the late Benazir Bhutto and pop stars no less than Beyonce Knowles, each officer has been specially military-trained in counter-terrorism, 9mm marksmanship and anti-riot control.

Dubai being Dubai, these officers can't be on rickety scooters. They have to keep up with all those Bugatti's, so they get black Suzuki GSX-R1000's for patrol bikes as well as the standard slow-poke Yamaha 1200's with panniers, horns and lights.

Sadly, everything in the photos tells us the bike part of this squad may be more style than substance. The most blatant offenses are the giant sticker directly in the line of site while tucking and the absence of goggles so the officers can see while riding at speeds exceeding 15 mph. We could be completely wrong though, and are willing to concede that things like eye protection, proper helmets, combat armor, gloves and wearable communications equipment may have been ditched for their glamour shots at the request of the photographer.

Regardless, creating an all-woman rapid response team with deadly officers, giving them cool uniforms and hoontastic GSX-R1000's for patrol bikes is way cooler than our middle-aged officers on slow over-weight Harley's.

via Oliepeil via XPRESS

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