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"It's a little twist on that sexy Panigale shoot we did a while back, I think you'll like it," MotoCorsa's Arun Sharma told me over a broken phone call at LAX yesterday. I didn't realize he'd be sending me photos of himself dressed in tights and wearing a saucy pair of red strappy heels. "Manigale" is the Portland Ducati dealer's ballsy (literally) send up of traditionally sexist motorcycle marketing.

Photos: Alicia Elfving

More than just a cliched gay joke, the photos of MotoCorsa's male staff members subvert the old babe/bike thing while making both the dealership and the guys that work there more human, relatable and accessible. The message here is that these guys might be tattooed, burly bikers, but that if a woman happened to find herself in their shop, the first question they'd ask her wouldn't be if she was shopping for her husband, It'd be where she got her shoes.

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