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Equipped with a revised 140bhp engine, the Ducati 848 Evo now has a
better power-to-weight ratio than a 2005 Ducati 999; the
torque-to-weight ratios are identical. Now that's progress.

Update: now with high-res images.

Update 2: action video below.

Here's the numbers:

Power: 140bhp @ 9,750rpm
Torque: 80lb-ft @8,000rpm
Weight: 186kg (dry)
Power/Weight: .753 (bhp/kg)
Torque/Weight: .430 (lb-ft/kg)

848 Evo
Power: 140bhp @10,500rpm
Torque: 72.3lb-ft @ 9,750rpm
Weight: 168kg (dry)
Power/Weight: .833 (bhp/kg)
Torque/Weight: .430 (lb-ft-kg)

The 848 Evo is up 6bhp and 1.5lb/ft thanks to new cylinder heads, new cams, new pistons, larger throttle bodies and more precise monitoring of gas flow. The compression ratio is also up to 13.2:1.

Aside from the engine, there's now top-shelf Brembo Monoblock brake calipers and a standard steering damper. Notably absent is the Ducati 1198's traction control.

There's new colors too. Red paint with a red frame and black wheels or "Dark Stealth" which uses either grey or matte black paint (we can't quite tell from the pictures) along with a black frame and black wheels.

The 848 Evo is due for an official unveiling at Laguna Seca this weekend.

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