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Always wanted a MotoGP-inspired Ducati Desmosedici RR, but just can't afford the $72,500 asking price? Why not build one yourself? That appears to be the conclusion one French Ducati enthusiast came to, fashioning his own Desmosedici out of an old Monster S4R.

Sure, it might not have a 200bhp V4 or super fancy Öhlins suspension.
Yes, the fairing does look a little wonky. No, the louvers in the
tailpiece aren't functional exhausts, the brakes aren't radials and the
frame's been designed to traverse highways, not foreign racetracks.
But, this fakemosedici does have one thing going for it: heart.

Rather than being a black Amex purchase for some barely able to ride,
rich asshole destined to serve out its existence as a conversation
piece, this bike is the product of hard work, a dream and a lot of
fiberglass. Commitment like this we can admire.

Flickr via Moto22

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