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By now, you may have seen news in other publications of the forthcoming Ducati Hyperfighter that's allegedly scheduled for a 2008 EICMA debut. The thing is, the machine is a total work of fiction. Created by conceptual artist Oberdan Bezzi for his site Motosketches, the Hyperfighter envisions what a hypothetical future 1098/Hypermotard hybrid might look like. As usual — we’re big fans of Oberdan’s work — the concept is full of clever ideas that come together to create a really good-looking bike. Presented alongside a fictional timeline for its development and a description of its technology — sort of an imaginary brief for the concept — we understand why people want to believe in it. The confusion seems to arise from a reader comment Oberdan left on MCN’s website. Their commenting system is confusing, giving equal precedence to content created by both the publication and its commenters, which has led to several other websites reporting on the Hyperfighter as actual news. But honestly people, apply some critical thinking to things.

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