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The first in a series of "Monster Art" projects, Color Therapy is Ducati's attempt to give owners a quick, affordable way to customize their motorcycles. The idea's really simple: make the small number of painted parts on the Ducati Monster 696 -- tail, tank cover, bikini fairing, fender -- available in a range of new colors, giving owners the ability to easily change their bike's appearance. A welcome side effect is that the project emphasizes the Monster's updated, but still iconic design and pushes the idea of the bikes as a luxury/design product.

We're pleased to see that Ducati understands its role in the mainstream
consciousness and is able to create images and videos that push design
and art over performance for that crowd. This video's adaptation of
generic abstract art themes (we see Warhol, Lichtenstein, Pollack and
Basquiat references) is a bit uninspired, but still uniquely appealing
over other motorcycle creative for its use of bold images and bright
colors. Oooh, shiny.

Ducati via Solo Moto Treinta

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