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The Ducati Multistrada 1200 is being launched to a bunch of old guys the world's motorcycle press this week in the Canary Islands. Due to our disturbing lack of both sycophancy and beer guts, HFL didn't get an invite, but we can bring you all the press material. Since all the magazines do is take five months to regurgitate press releases, this is as good as riding it ourselves, right?

Generation gap aside, the $14,995 Multi 12 is shaping up to be the bike of 2010. Equipped with electronically
adjustable suspension, riders can tweak suspension height and settings,
traction control, ABS and power delivery all on the fly. Combined with a
comfortable riding position, that should make it able to tackle any
type of road, this makes the Multi a uniquely capable bike. The only
question lies in its off-road ability, something Ducati continues to
promise, yet we remain skeptical of.

Then there's this video. Ducati, really, if you're trying to sell us on
the exciting nature of two-wheeled adventure, elevator music doesn't
make for the perfect accompaniment. The video does, however, show the
Multistrada tearing up some admittedly tame dirt roads. Could the
fully-defeatable ABS, long-travel suspension and adjustable
traction control really combine to make the 17-inch wheel-equipped, 189kg
(dry) Ducati capable on simple dirt? This video and spy shots from before its launch want us to think, "yes."

Make sure you check out our Giant Adventure Tourers numbers comparison to see how the Multistrada stacks up against rivals like the 2010 Yamaha Super Tenere.

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