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We've covered the Ducati 1199 Panigale extensively. From engine analysis, to how it stacks up against the competition, to the sound, now that we've seen the Panigale in person, it's obvious that the Panigale is the return to form we've all been waiting for. As you can tell with Nicky Hayden standing next to the 1199, the thing is absolutely tiny. We're talking Aprilia RS250 tiny. Even better, and only apparent in viewing the bike in the round is that there's absolutely no such thing as a bad angle to be found. Yeah, there were half naked models walking around and the free Peroni was great, but everyone, even the nonbelievers, only had eyes for the bike. Welcome back, Ducati.

As a bonus, here's an in-depth video look at the bike courtesy of Troy Bayliss and project director Ernesto Marinelli.

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