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Thanks to a huge leak we can exclusively reveal official information on and images of the new Ducati Streetfighter and Ducati Streetfighter S. Both models share the same 155bhp, 87.5lb/ft 1099cc v-twin and even though the S gains lighter 5-spoke Marchesini forged aluminum wheels and Öhlins suspension front and back we think it's the standard traction control and data acquisition that will really set the S model apart. Click through for more information or click the image above for the gallery.>

Back in September we were able to exclusively bring you specs of what
we then thought was called the Ducati Fighter. While we were wrong
about the name, we were right about the company's plan to separate its
naked models into two distinct product lines. The Monster will now
exclusively use air-cooled engines, as on the 2009 Ducati Monster 1100,
while the Streetfighter gains the water-cooled engine from the outgoing
1098 (which has been replaced by the Ducati 1198).

While the Streetfighter shares its bigger brother's frame, engine,
suspension and single sided swingarm, it gains its own unique bodywork,
shotgun exhausts, headlight and a much more upright riding position
thanks to the flat bars. The steering angles are more relaxed than the
1098 and the wheelbase is longer, which should lead to slightly slower,
but more stable handling and tame what we can only imagine is its
wheelie-prone nature.

We really like the Streetfighter's looks, which manage to capture
purposeful aggression in a shape that's both immediately Ducati but
strikingly different from the rest of the company's range. Priced
somewhere in the $14-15,000 range, it should come as no surprise that
this is a high-spec bike, but we're still impressed by the beefy
quality of the Streetfighter's parts, just check out the massive triple
clamps for evidence.

The Streetfighter will be available Spring 2009 in either red or white with a black frame and grey wheels, the S will come in red or black with a bronze frame and wheels as well as a carbon fiber front mudguard and cambelt covers.

Publishing this story is going to be somewhat controversial. The
Streetfighter isn't scheduled for official release until the EICMA show
in Milan on Monday. Ducati failed to include Hell For Leather in its
list of publications made privy to this embargoed information and
therefore isn't subject to any contractual obligations or agreements to
keep any of this private. Since Ducati didn't enable us to compete on a
level playing with other media outlets, we had no choice but to move
forward with publication once we obtained these materials. This isn't
an embargo break; had we been subject to any contract or agreement we
would have honored it. This is a good old-fashioned leak.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out our gallery of large
Streetfighter shots by clicking the image up top or by clicking here.

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