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"The 'road enduro' of which many spy photos exist will be there[EICMA]...however, we don't think of it as an 'road enduro' like the mags describe it," says Diego Sgorbati, Ducati vice president of marketing in an interview with an Italian magazine. That's the first official quote related to the Ducati Strada Aperta a new adventure touring model that's expected to be in the same vein as the Yamaha TDM, new Triumph Tiger and KTM 990 SMT.

Update: MC24 sent over a couple new shots, so we figured we'd run a gallery of all the Strada Aperta spy photos.


"Ducati is looking at many segments, scooters, custom, enduro,'s a normal expansion," says Sgorbati. "Before going down
one road though we look at all the potential barriers, technological
and distribution related. For example, how many of our dealers can sell
a superbike, as well as a motocross bike? Also, does it match the
'soul' of the brand, does it make sense? What worked 20 years ago might
not make sense today. [The Ducati Vyper cruiser] in any kind of near
future, yes, it's out. Maybe in 4-5 years we would look at the custom
market to as well as other segments to see where we could expand."

It's expected that the Strada Aperta will use a version of Ducati's
water-cooled V-Twin although its not known if that will be the Ducati Streetfighter's 1099cc engine or the newer 1198.4cc motor. That engine
and the street-focused running gear evident in the pictures above and
in other Strada Aperta spy shots indicates that while the bike might be
tall like a giant trailie, it's focus will resolutely be on-road
performance, hence the name, which translates to "Open Road." via Ducati News Today via Asphalt and Rubber

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